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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Listen to KIM hee chul LIve from korea

As we already know,KIM HEE CHUL (super junior's member) part-time job is also as a DJ.so just tune here if u want to hear CHullie's voice !If not mistaken from 7pm Malaysia time and korea i dont remember! >,< mianhee~ btw for those who want to listen or learn hangul you can listen it here too.But the most important is,it is LIVE from KOREA and we can listen to SUJU'S voice.=D hihi,macam la tak bole dengar lagu jek~hihi.Kindly click the link below if u want to listen to HEE CHUL'S voice and listen to KOREAN-POP music.U can also have live chat from other listeners!

pic snapped during SS2 (AIGOO~so attempting)

xo momoe

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kpop goodies wishlist

OTTOKAJU OTTOKAJU (what i should do) ??ouh i cant stop myself from blogging,i must must post this!! i want to purchase this kPop goodies but i dont have money.How to buy??But i'll owns them one day.Let's check what stuff i want to grab (do we need drumrolls?)
First is SUPER JUNIOR socks (muz have items + affordable) but im going to buy LEE TEUK and HEE CHUL socks only i bet >.< *damncute*

Second is UR BEAUTIFULL / A.N.JELL stickers (prefer KANG SHINWOO and JEREMY stics) because my sis n me ANTI-GO MI NAM and HERO ??? *LOL,i fogot his name edy* (=.=~)

Next is go mi nam PIG-RABBIT doll/handphone strap but it's combination of RABBIT and PIG nose (=.=) should i buy??? *still considering it* maybe dont need this??! coz it's piggy nose ~
how bout HELLO KITTY doll? LOL

okke,i think this is only the items i want to buy for now..hehe =D where to find $$$??OUH if i hv scholarship,i'll use half of it to spend on this..hehe,damn idiot~ (T.T) Should i ask from my bro or sis??gulp gulp..of coz cannot..Dear genie,I wish $$$ can grow on trees!! (>,<) Or anyone feel pity to donate their $$$?? *DESPERATE* =))

p.s i'll update with Kpop blogshop in malaysia in next post!
xo momoe

Friday, March 26, 2010

i fall in l.o.v.E 사랑하다

안녕하세요!! i fall in ♥ ??Yah,i ve to admit.he's the most coolest guy i ve ever meet.He makes me mellow everytime he smile.He is so gentleman and my ideal kind of guy.The best part that he said was "u r my GIRL now!" OMG OMG this is so thrill and i want him to hug me,but it is possible for us to be together! T...T why??because he's not in malaysia.he's in korea.The distance separate us..OMO~alright,meet my lovely future bf (drum rolls plezz!!)

tadaaaaa~~ meet my new OEPPA (I REALLY2 HOPE I'LL FIND A GUY LIKE THIS)

Name: 정용화 / Jung Yong Hwa (i call him SHINWOO~)
Profession: Singer and actor (Im future doc )
Birthdate: 1989-Jun-22 (3 years older than me XD )
Height: 180cm (im 163 cm)
Blood Type: A (i dunnoe my type)
Star sign: Cancer (leo girl here)
Talent agency: F&C Music
KPOP group: C.N. Blue ( korean indie band)
Hobbies: Listening to music, piano

how did i meet him??hehe.LMAO.u can click and it watch here loh UR BEAUTIFULL ♥♥ guys this gonna be my last post!I give my huge thanks for everyone in this virtual world and thanks for visting MOMOE and keep clicking my BUNNYBANK (mr nuffy).I want to apologise also for every mistakes and i pray everyone a 행복 (HAENGBOK/HAPPINESS) in life.Do pray for my success =) coz am gonna climb BIG MOUNTAIN after this.Till then~

thanks to all of this KAWAII LADIES fo giving me awards (VISIT their blog coz its fabolous)

ps:tis ez only my last post,but nuffhunting will be carry oN as usual till i got my first $$ :PPP
and i dunnoe if this really going be the laz post coz human can change right???!! (^.*)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

super junior havoc show in KL

yehaaa..the time that have been waiting by MALAYSIAN ELFS finally come!!!20 march 2010 the most unforgetable and unbeatable night for every SUPER JUNIOR die hard fans.wahahaa,im really excited.The indoor stadium BKT JALIL was buzzing with excitement and cheers from crazy crowds.The opening were perfomed by ???? and ????.i dont remember their names actually.But from chinese group and malay singer.well not so famous i bet.i headed to bkt jalil at 5 pm from cheras accompanied by my parents,big sistas ang big bro.When we reached,many fans already queing up to enter stad.hehe,lucky for us because my sis and i juz Potong que.so we dont have to wait for longer time. :P Well,got few booths selling suju's merchandise but very expensive loh!i really hope super junior will come again and i want to buy the rock pitt ticket neXt time =D suju members reallly funny and they interact alot with the fans, shake hand, shooting water gun, playing with the toys that the fans throw at the stage.every moment is appreciated, i’m really glad i go to the concert!! SUPER JUNIOR EYOOK~~

pretty hee chul holding a yellow flower
me and my sis..so fat :))

b4 the concert started,everyone looks calm..haha..nope..

am waiting for my 11 pretty boys =D


i love u,u love me Dong hae dong hae
this handsome guy give me big fat kiss..i love u too siwon!!

yesung with all suzuuu =)

xo momoe

Thursday, March 18, 2010

super junior 2nd asia tour live in kl

ariba aribaaa
i cant wait fo tomolo..gonna meet hottest korean boys in asia...suju ssaranghle :P but cameras are not allow!!how to sneak????omg T..T and they will stay in GRAND MILLENIUM hotel near at pavilion..tee hee..we gonna stalk em!!!ARe WE???dunnoe yet..yah juz pray so i can snap suju's pic banyak2 yah :) well deeply excited now!! we gonna meet SHINDONG,LEE TEUK,HEE CHUL,SIWON,HANKYUNG,YESUNG,DONG HAE,and 3 more boys (i dun remember actuly) =.= for sure KIBUM,KANGIN,HANGENG tak ade T..T never mind!no,i mind actually..haiyooo,,kinda nerveous now,,wahahhaha,,,mcm la suju nak bagi FREE HUG dkat aq..anyway we gonna dancing out of the air tomolo...yehaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!suke,,suke..suke....jgn2 concert batal?! oh damn...........NONONONO =)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



DEBoOR + SAKIT PERUT + NAK LARIII + aq takuttttttttttttttttttt
YA ALLAH,kuatkanlah smgt aq......AQ XLEH TIDORRRRR,,DEbar,,,,,
mcm mane nak hadapi kalau rezat x comel..MALUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mesti ramai yg Boo...kecian MAk..aq nak lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
ape aq mengarot ne??????aq bengonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~~~~~~~~~~
YA ALLAH,semoga baik2 semua nye.amin amin..InsyALLAH...KALAU
kurang baek???TELAN je laaaaaaaa..waaaaaaaahh..cakap senang.....
aq gilewwwwwww??~!!!!