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Monday, July 25, 2011





insyallah,O ALLAH bless my path , may i be a good person in dunya and akhirat...insyallah,aminamin

happy 19th FATIN ~~ =] DONT WORRY

the past cannot be fix , appreciate ur future

"Your life is a gift from the Creator. Your gift back to the Creator is what you do with your life."
~ Billy Mills


..too tired with this drama,only the beginning...o Allah,i've nobody except allah swt,im speechless,feeling zero,useless,and ive no idea what should i do,should i die ?? where should i run ? im very shame ... with the attitude,everyday is frustration and crying day,im tired.. i didnt enjoy my time, i cried alot....my heart hurts,deeply...........if everyone is responsible and AWARE WITH THEIR JOBSS and the time is running ...leaving me with sorrow.. evryday past with nothing,//oh gosh,im having so much trouble with mylife...wait,where's yr GRAtEFULL feeling ????? is THERE ANY WAY OUT SO THAT EVERYONE WILL PLEASED WITH WHAT THEY HAVE?????
ya aLlah,hambamu ini sangat lemah,,,,,berikanlah kami petunjukMu !~ I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO ACT??? CAN I DIE PEACEFULLY??? i just want to hv a happy life.................19th tomorrow,happy birthday FATIN FAKHRIAH ~ getting older,a good num to learn to survive in this world..but im surviving ! i just want to be bless in evrything...........money doesnt buy hapiness,it destroys everything.....................can i sleep for whole days OR WHAT SHOULD I DO????LET THEM TO BE WHAT THEY WANT?
o Allah please guide us to the right path,amin~

Monday, July 18, 2011

arwah tok wok

assalamualaikum, a post about my late grandmother , she passed away when i was in uitm shah alam,my very first day during pre-med study.She died because of having lots of disease complications which is diabetis mellitus and kidney failure , still remember my very 1st day of lecture , KIDNEY ! yehhh , insyallah , will create the awareness ~~ miles to go and need to work really hard and smart [= , may Allah swt bless my path .. seriously , there's lotsa things idk, ilmu ALLAH swt ~~~ i'll learn ..

Dear fatin. first of all, congratulation for choosing medicine as your career.

dear sister, in everything we do, we did it step by step and did not approach it all of sudden. That's the wisdom that Allah bless upon all of us. the same thing... with medicine. you did not jump straight into the hectic clinical year life, dealing with patient, coping with dead etc.

you will grow up gradually in this medical school. starting for premed, preclinical, clinical, Housemanship.. all those journey will prepare you to be a good muslim doctor.

feeling weak is normal as human being in no matter what profession we embraced. even our prophet cried a lot and suffer such a great trial. the same thing goes with what we will embrace.

Just correct your niat to learn medicine because of Allah and insyaALLAH everything be fine. Usaha, doa dan tawakkal~~

p.s : chill yawww ~ i luv home XD , i luv tv , i luv my fridge XD .. and hungryyy...glad im able to fast now,but reyy hungryyyyy lohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cus i luv yellow ~

assalamualaikum,just few of my randomn pictures ~ so randomn ,alahaiii ~~ =D
why YELLOW ? cus it's the official color of FT ISLAND XD okbye

waitttt , tomolo we gonna noe abot d upu app , well GOOD LUCK alls....may VICTORY with everyone !!~ amin ^____^

Sunday, July 10, 2011


assalamualaikum,little advices for me and everyone who's in the same situation... hemmmmr,im pretty worried with myself.i think more on unnecessary things and i get lost.yehh,i didnt talk but i think..this is my weakness,and i want to improve my weakness =[

about an hour ago, by sis ajemi :

sorry for taking such a long time to msg. it takes a lot of will to do so. writing this give me a tinge of sadness. but im very happy to help. so hope this will help u..:)

1) im not strong willed enough
majority of med students, if not all, will feel, in certain time, to give up.. there are too many things to cramped into ur head. so those who success, they are the ones who hold on tight. im not saying that i give up on my ambition, but i give up working hard. i sholud work harder. i should push myself beyond my limit. but i din do that, so i have another year to prove that.

2) im always homesick.. hehee.. this is embarassing. i always go home every chance i got, so this kinda reduced my study hours. some people can cope with going home often, but the travelling is tiresome to me, so im always tired..

3) sometime i just memorise things without DEEP understanding. and that was never a good thing to do.

4) i dont really ask people when i dont understand certain thing that i consider 'tiny'. so even for certain thing that u considered to be trivial, dont just let it hang there.

5) i dont really discuss wt my fren. this was a very bad thing, since what i think i understand, may not be the true concept. i learnt this lesson the hard way, by failing. .

hope this help. do ask me if u have any question. insyaAllah i will try to help... :)
good luck!..

p.s : please limit ur time on FB , but md terms please finish it .. im going to deactivate my acc...i've spent everyday on FB ..... ouchhhhhhhhhhh

Monday, July 4, 2011

my pre-med experience

assalamualaikum alls . it's been like a month i didnt update craps thingy..lolzz..this is the story how i get through my pre med's life...i LUV UITM so much...thanks for all of the experiences........ sad to say im leaving for USM KUBANG KERIAN soon in bachelor of medical study for 5 years...alhamdulilah ! tq ALLAH SWT......... and i want to be a cardiologist / being in family health care ^___^

what is pre-med ??

:: kinda an early exposure for future medical's students to medical's life
:: physiology ( i <3 the most ) , biochem , and anatomy ( need to memorise a lot )

:: kolej mawar,UITM SHAH ALAM
:: 4person in a room ( this is really where u need to learn to tolerate and patience is the key of everything ^^ )
:: kinda hot actually,but be gratefull !! ^____^ (u can buy ur own kipas ~)

what's in it ??
:: small group session ( sgs ) , small group discussion ( sgd ) , anatomy lab practical ( i get a chance to see the REAL liver and heart ) , clinical skills lab
(sphygmomanometer,spirometer,sthetescope,microscope and etc ) , the lectures ( seriously lotsa notes need to be read and cover ) and yehh the lecturers come mostly from india,timur tengah and also from thailand..if im not mistaken... the languange?? hard to be understand at first but later is OK ^________^ * no pain no gain

:: HOSPITALs AND CLINICs VISIT <--- best gila :D cus u get a chance to see the real situations and also talk with the real doctors......... i luv it so much !! the doctors are nice,and doc adrean <---- heuuuuuuu, i didnt answer his questions TT.TT feels very STUPID .. shame with myslef

the exam ??
:: OSPE ( a game in stations ) MCQ ( true or false / live or die ) SAQ ( short answer )
:: again,early exposure to medical's examination ....... ppl said it's unfair examination...IDK...all i know,we must study smart and never skip anything.because it is long life learning..and we're going to use this knowldege for every breath !!

studying tips ??
:: from my point of view -- after / before the lectures , try to read it first and after the lectures read it again..STUDY GROUP is quite helping !! where u'll realised OH I DONT KNOW that !! i did form a study group...with jayjay,fina,rus,fatima,aisyah,sofina and others..we help each other ! but need to study from the 1st week and be consistent.......

:: in HALL,try to understand it than never , sit with someone which can help u !! yeahhh..thx again to afina,fatima,lyana and others ....

:: selflearner?? YEHHH..IT'S A MUST especially after the study group / 5days before the examination..it'll help u to refresh back everything !! SURE IT DOES ~~

:: RECORDING ?? im not really sure, try it when u need it...but i dont think it's good cus ur knowledge is stored in the player .......... not at the brain ......... but it helps...so i might use it ! and it can help during study weeks...according to usm seniors ~

:: it's very important cus will be facing 1000000000 criticism,difficulties and hardship
:: and the doctors told us, perseverance will conquer ur smartness...dont be afraid !
:: so, strive in whatever u do cus ur dealing with human beings
:: be FOCUS and SERIOUS !!
:: but to be truth,im still having doubt with my potential...oALLAH :[

negative things
:: what do u feel when u saw some MG bitching u and ur family ??otally craps...and my heart did feels the pain ............... but lets karma * u ! LOL ~~ :p
:: I realised, to get a knowledge , u'll be facing lotsa challenges ..... only patience is the best treatment..and also PRAY ~
:: I BELIEVE ALLAH SWT IS ALWAYS THERE and im not worry .......... :D INSYALLAH ~


::perseverance,be smart , focus,be POSITIVE ^________^

::I did this only during 1st yr, kind of regret coz I didn't continue this. It's not that I listen to the lecture twice in one day, it's during my study week when I found that I couldn't understand the lecture notes, I went back to the recording and found something else in the lecture which solve my problem. Haha~~

::my advice is, be humble, be active, make friends and study hard, you will be able to make it through :)

::hmmm u gt 4 blocks for ur 1st selanjar.... bioethics, nursing, cell n tissue n musculo..... bioethics n nursing vry relaxing n easy ny ....cell n tissue is average block... musculo is d killer block... musculo covers 40% of ds 1st exam... 1st of all u shud gt 2 knw d format of exam.... 4example.... seq... u wil hv 5 seq ques... n each ques for 10 minz.... so d allocation 4 seq 1ques wil b 4m bioethics, 1ques 4m nursing, 1ques from cell n tissue, and 2ques from musculo.... for id.... 5-6 ques wil b from musculo, 3-4 ques from cell n tissue, 1 ques from nursing, n 1 ques from bioethics..... ds is rough idea on d ques allocation for ur exam.... ds was on my tym.... ur exam myt hv sum changes.... bt wil b almost d same.... from ds allocation itself u cn knw dt musculo covers a large portion in ur exam ryt.... so d method of scoring medicine is very easy..... u jz hv 2jnw ur exam format n d exam needs only..... most of d ppl in medic skul dun realise ds.... ds my secret of success.... n im happy 2 share it wit u hahahhaha

sweet ~
didnt expect to be in one group with my OLD crush .we've known for more than 1years through FB LOLZZZZ. i didnt talk too much with him...im too shy..and he did ask me WHY UR TOO SILENCE ???? idk,it's just i dont really talk too much especially on unnecesary things...i'll try to be more FRIENDLY.sorry n**** and yes......... we'll meet again in housemantship ... insyallah ^_____^ sorry i didnt help u too much , and i keep avoiding u throughout the weeks :[ but im pretty sure there's plenty of kids want to help u cus of ur kindness :] g luck !! * i'll remember u and ur curiousity and enthusiasm inspired me a lot !!!! again,new breath is inhaled........LOL ~

group 2
ya guys are really smart and awesome .......... i feel very happy to be with a bunch of genius and scary kids... lolzzzzzzzzzz... gluck guys !! be a gud md student everyone ^^ .. cus it's miles to go and there's lotsa things need to be learn ~

:: md terms
:: usm preparation
:: jpa web
:: and CHILL ~

new brand chapter of life is going to started ~ bismillah....... i luv uitm... pre-med is awesome...it teach us a lot .... insyallah,i'll back to serve to uitm ....