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Monday, May 31, 2010


FInished physics lecture,,,hayooo,,,,quite tough lar..but have to b strong...neven nd ever give up...gambatte fatin....YA ALLAH YA TUHANKU,berkatilah segala perjalanan hambaMU ini... im goin to embrace everything that's coming..amin2....YA ALLAH kuatkan lah semangat ku ini..aminamin~

my first class

emm juz returned from bio tutorial...today wasn't a gooday fo me...i left my hp durin bio class..but thanks to budak asasi yg gave it to miss sabrina...im such a clumsy girl...class oker laaa....still trying to get to know each other...haizzz,class chem tadi...wth,chem mcm physic =(((
aussssshh....god bless me lar...i miss my mok....but i ve to b strong...susah cmne pun,i ve to gambattte fo 4 flat...haizzz matriculation isnt easy....but i wont give up lar...i noe im lil bit SLOW,but i'll climb nd climb till i reach my PUNCAK...haizzz fatin,be strong oker.......PRAY HARDER nd ALLAH swt will helps u...i just wish tomolo is better than today...amin amin.......^^ insyALLAH!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


nak balik! i miss my HOME ,mok adeq nak balikkkkkkkkkk

Thursday, May 27, 2010

puncak alam is awesome

LOL...im lying...ok lar...but d tangga part is like ahell =.=
may ALLAH SWT bless my climb..insyALLAH nd i'll keep ma faith

Monday, May 17, 2010

no pain no gain ! [Be positive]

After a few weeks of blurr + tense + hectic + confuse .....im here in front of pc !! humm,im going to be pre-university student in just few days more.i'll have to bid farewell to my parents,cats and kitties,my room and of course the boringest city in earth [kuala terengganu].Im not really sure if im ready with new life [new friends,new bed,new jobs *do my own laundry*] and everything lah as soon i throw myself in puncak alam.Friends??yayy..i've meet a bunch of asasians through online [credits : FB] and also planned to roommate with momoy [ she's sarawakian and we got nearly nicknames] Hopefully,insyALLAH.I hope the list of roommates has not been set yet.oh YA ALLAH,please help me !! oH yah,things at home is getting worser [i shouldn't blog it here but momoekitty is the only place where i can pour all of my worries :( ] Family matters [ ouh,it's killing me rapidly] Im praying that ALLAH SWT will give us His guide to my parents and siblings including me ^^ I want this tiny problems can be varnished and of course dissapear into the air like a dust.
[my last days in home is appreciated right now.sobs..sobs ] okey,forget about those freaking matters [auww,sounds really horrible],let's concentrate on my HILL,i'm in the middle of climb now.fuhh,it's gonnabe fun
[hope so]
4.0 CGPA
muet BAND 4
another competitors
[quite scary]
so no time leh for playing around in PA,all i need to do is
and dont interfere with people's business :P
this were few words given by our senior that i M-U-S-T bear in my mind ^^!!

*sori to say, math n phys mmg sush...even harder than spm, trust me...u mst wat praktis byk2....ph btol2 konsep...n ntuk physcs, fatin kene all out la...tp, tape...ta dpt a ntuk spm, ta brmksd taley dpt a ntuk asasi kn....rilekss jee.....know u can...n my advice, jgn stdy last minit ntuk asasi neh, especially physics lah....100% sure, u'll fail klau stdy last minit...k dear..

*gud luck in your new life...jgn leka k...

*klu dh msuk uitm tu nk msuk medik o frmasi uitm mmg sng skit...sebab korg mmg dh ade ticket kt uitm sndri....tpi mostly dak2 asasi akn mntx medik la...insyaallah klu korg blajar btol2 korg bley punye...n strt dr awal yerk...coz slalunye mse sem satu dak2 ni enjoy,sem 2 bru nk struggle...slalunye result sem1 mmg truk skit dr sem 2...btol x korg?tu 4 those yg memain la...

*yup..besenye time sem 1 bnyk maen2 je..ble tgk result truk bru nk struggle mse sem 2..tp agak trlmbat la..sbb result sem 1 sgt pnting..so,score gler2 mse sem 1..xde la pressure sgt mse sem 2 nnt..

*betul ke pointer based on 3 subjek yg plg tinggi je? math wajib kire

*na apply medic, mmg kene skor both sem...sbb medic juz amek 100 stdnt uitm je from 1000 org asasi sains....chance mmg amt2 tpis..gud luck la..amal: klau na amek medic, physics at least b+...

*rilekksss sudaa....physics jgn stdy last minit...mmg fail la jwbnye...byk sgt, takot ta sempat..

*korg study ilek2 suda...haha..xde la..study pn xyh tensen2..b kool suda..klo spe nk medik espclly medik uitm,better 1st sem skor gempak2..at least 3.6 n above...t korg leh dpggil utk pre-medic...besss...tp xtw la pas batch ktorg ni de lg ke x...haha

*3.5 mmg x lps...even frmsi pon...frmsi pon susah gak nk msok....

*yup...UKM, UPM, UM...tp kene cmpete dgn chinease...mknanye cmpetition is even much higher...alah, rileks suda..do you best...u'll success..know u can..

YAHH!!! FIGHTING FATIN!!!EVEN U DIDNT GET A'S FOR PHY N ADDM3 in SPM DOESNT MEANS U CAN'T GET A'S IN ASASI..remember this face!!she didnt get straight A's in spm but like she said

"Remember adik, no one can stop you from pursuing your ambition and dreams. Excellency is not about how many A's you got, but how do you use your potential wisely"

my sis [a cardiac pharmacist] With Dr Victor Serebruany, Prominent Antiplatelet Scientist from John Hopkins Heart Research lab, US


xo momoe

Sunday, May 2, 2010

foundation SC uitm puncak alam

my rafflesia college ^^

Assalamulaikum (first time bagi salam dekat blogpost =.=") yayaya,i ve decided to go for foundation instead of matriculation.But,this doesnt mean i can relax relax because matrik and foundation is juz d same leh..so,i'll be under SAINS , it's a stepper stone to go for MEDIC,DENTIST,and PHARMACIST.so if i want to be in one of the faculties,i need to get 4 FLAT!!i'll try my damn best ^^ i dont want to be regret in future anymore.Fuhh,im in tense condition now,im quite worry about physic and math.they are not really my favourite =.=,but it's okay i'll work smart on them.and another thing is about FRIEND and SCHOOL.when i checked at FB and googled,student who's going to enter ASASI mostly from boarding school..and of course leh everyone has their own geng.humm,im so desperate =.=.me??im ALONE..im quite scare and sad..im from SEKOLAH HARIAN BIASA..and hopefully i'll get a bunch of kind-hearted friends at there and nice roommate ^^ and osoe can build a connection with ppl around me leh!!INSYALLAH,amin amin.the most important is I NEED TO STAND WITH MY OWN 2 FEETS and FOCUS ON STUDY.No more CRYING,no FACEBOOK-ING,no more bergaduh2 with girl friends.and hopefully everything going to be smooth at there,i dont want to owns any problems anymore.i want a HAPPY STUDY LIFE.amin amin.i'll keep PRAYING and keep my faith with ALLAH SWT.insyALLAH,may ALLAH swt bless my CLIMB.hopefully the path im going to travell will bring me trillions of triumph =D ,guys do pray for my journey ^^~ go FATIN,dun be so manja lah..u r 18th now!!!!!!!!! u can survive okeh! if sedih ke susah ke u have to bear it,remember for MEDIC okeh!!!dapatkan 4 flat..who ever or where ever u from,it doesnt matter..prove u can succeed!people are the same,but the way u go for it,is a matter!! u r not ALONE,ALLAH SWT is always with u!!! amin amin =D hopefully this is the best way for me!! *omg.im still nervous* someone cheer me up please >,< *I NEED A FRIEND FOR ASASI NANTI* ouh im damn desperate =(

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