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Thursday, December 31, 2009


hello ppl!!!
finally i hd settled down in penang wif my sys
im away fom my adeq popo n parents
actuly my mission here is to lose my weight
i dun wan to b call c gendot lagi :( *its hurt me*

slim kan??haha..may my wish come true..amin2
last nite i hv a nightmare dream,i dreamt tat i got 6a's in PMR results
im scared laa...i dunnoe if dis is d sign bout my spm results.. :(
oh Ya Allah..i dunnoe wether i deserve to get 10a's..but i really2 craving fo straight a's after i worked hard..im rely hoping fo 10a's.. Ya ALLah plezz grant my prayer..amin2 !!!!!

o-o takot takot

oke lets close bout dis stry..dun want spoilt my new yer spirit :)

lets talk bout HELLO KITTY oke..

juz now i went to S&J GIFT shop..its like bubbles la sell many cute cute stuff

n osoe got HK stuff..aowww..but most of items old stock.. bubbles sell it osoe..price osoe same aaahh..

so i just bought few items..wanna c it??

later la i upload..malas la nak snap picture

i bought diary to write all stories in 2010,hk keyboad sticker,hk pen,n penanda buku (forgot laa in eng)

they sell hk doll osoe..huge kitty doll..cost rm2++..n got medium size rm52.90

insyALLah i'll buy it later..hehe..rite now feel like not going to spend any money to xpnsve things..sy bukan org kayaa maa..kena jd thrifty person (miss SUPERsaver) bukan nye miss bigSPEnder..

olrite another story aa,

ALL of my friends are bz with driving license and another useful activities..

their parents kayaa so they hv chance to do all those xtvty..for me in this 3 months i'll learn english and hangkuk(KOREAN lang) using my internet je laa..by myself je laa..its okay bcoz i can work by myself..that's y im writing in english in my blog so that my eng can b improve..hehe..okey fatin dun 4get yuh to practise eng yuh...

bye ppl!

HELLO 2010!!

HEPY NEW YER ppl!!!!!!!!!
im wishing u guys heppy n productive year...
As for me this is my 2010 wishlist
pray so tat it can be grant okee
i'll pray for u guys osoe...

10 a's in spm 2009
be a biggest weight loser
hepy 18teen life
peacefull life
no tears flows
may ALLAH SWT bless my parents n siblings
being a part of SNU OR pASUM
and of coz being a gud teen and become more mature

Friday, December 25, 2009


tu je lahhhhhhhh

Monday, December 21, 2009

aNother DULL and boring dAy

ape nk buat ni??
as usual everyday eat,sleep,fbINg,..same routine each day..
boriink nye..kalau pandai drive weoo bole jalan2..hee..but i need to hv drivin license first!!!!!!
huh..wuf im going to do in this 5 months??working??neehh..malas la.ouchhhh..this holis should b fill wif useful xtvty..but what??nak b fcbook pon x de mood..malas nak fb..dun wanna get involve
with probz..sudaa serik..5 novi too pon x hilang lg..when trying to b honest,i was fooled..sudaa sedih...onestly,pain in my heart is not fully recover..mybe this is lessont for me to never get involved w XxXXXXXX..we cant change ppl manner..even ppl cant chge uz rite.so fatin wuf do u expect??...weoo sorry readers (if ade yg baca) not in mood..feel kinda useless!! come on fatin,dunt let ppl to make u down..its not a big deal!!!.its ez to say I'm sorry dehhh..but....
u noe la..mybe it takes time to forgive ppl..heeeeeeee...but im talking bout d truth laa..ppl juz denied it..so wuf elze??its look like im a bad person.. T.T
sorry apologise n admite our mistake is only the way to save situation,,oh yess..yeah yeah..bear in ur mind fatin u juz expressed wuf u felt.. IM NOT GUILTY??im wrong..im guilty..im guilty...huh..i feel bad bout dis..it's my fault..oke..i admitted it.wuff a disaster...
get involved w ppl then get troubled into unexpected situation..i hope 2010 wouldn't b a disaster year for me..gudbye sucks 2009..i want to hv a hepy life..dun want any tears rolling down my cheek.ouch!!ahh juz forget everytinnnnn....i juz want hapinezz in my life..du wan stuck in any trouble or b involve wif any ppl's life ohh unlez dey ned my help oO..sory ppl!!
and of coz 10a's...amin amin..
dun want to b a crying puppet nymore... cheers fatin!!!!!!!! :)

actuly pic above is hannah wardrobe n room...hehe..i played hannah montana game laz nite..its quite fun..eventhough hnh hate asians i still hv my heart on hnh..weoooooo!!!its cute rite??oke ppl see u when i see u!!!! bubye,,muachhh

Saturday, December 19, 2009

camera..how to steal it??

another update from me!
actually i need a cam to snap my pic
i want to enter s17 mag contest..
but how to snap dun hv cam..
actuly i hv it..but its in my bro room
and i had a big fight las nite with him..
not a big fight juz i baling telor j 3 biji tp x kena pon dkt muka dia
hahahahahAH..pADAN muke!
mcm ne nak cori2 masok dlm bilik dia??
any idea?
ayaa..nak masok mag..hahahA
WUF A bad girl..oo she's having a daydream now!!

Ouh Momoe is back!

im Back with new mOOd (not a Hapy mood)!
no more school,books,teacs & classmates..sorry even no more those stuff didnt meant i dun love u guys,,hehe..still having u guys in my heart lahh..khkhk
so its been 2 weeks since spm ended..im duin notin now..olrite i wanna continue my story bout Spm..rite now is bout chem's ppr..ugh..im quite sad actuly as i dun think i was doing well..hahhhhhhhhhhhhh.........Ya Allah,but dere's no use crying over a spoilt milk rite??i wish to kick c pemotar gula kapas to..she md me confused..i noe i shuldnt think bout it rite..but juz one lessont here,BELIEVING IN UR INSTINCT is better than believe on others..so fo those who's going to be a spm's taker in few days more wish u bunch of lucks..sigh...
alrite notin else to say..

juz wanna say thanks a million for reading this post!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

so how Do u love my newLAYOUT?

finaLLY i changed mY blog layout
tis newer one is cute and eye-catching than d old one!!
hehe,,after 3 hours non-stop i finally found tis cute tummy layout
even i got tis new layout i feel sad
maybe bcoz i cant show tis blog to ma frenz!!
i dun hv any frenz in blogger world..
i wish if they are here so tat dey can praise ma layout.
haiyaa...fatin is actuly want to show off..
ouh v v v bad me! :p
tadi,i juz visited physic's blog..
tat teac post spm phys anzwr..i got 40 out 0f 50..
but i wish i can get 42 o 43 as dey r few answs i dunnoe so i juz temabk TEmbak..
i hope my shot will on d target!
lately i found tat blogging is really bored..
myb bcoz of i dun hv fernz here..ummm :(
hayaa,,damn bored
umm..tis 8 dec chem's ppr..i hope can pass w A'S!!!
Amin..amin...haiyaa im hungry laHh..umm ouh ya not 4get to mention im going to off fo few days..so long ppl bye!!

+fatin is waiting 4 her hk IM hepy plushy ^^