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Saturday, September 24, 2011

beautifull journey and ft island

still busy with lotsa notes to cover , and today is 24th sept , tonight is korean music wave , for the first time after 4 years they already here =] ,ive been primadonna since i was 15 y/o and im not going , due to my responsibility , here in usm kk ,,, not feeling sad but a bit frust *im listening to BAD WOMEN or nonapunyajya , dunnoe how to spell it right lol,,,,,,,,, the distance may separated me and them , but they are always in my heart .......... sokay , dont mind , but I HOPE they will be here again and of course FT ISLAND GONNA ROCKSSSSS tonight ;D , sory bit emotional here , =]

my new study table,lol
and the poster 4years edy =]

HAISHHH,,,still lotsa things need to be done , FOCUS ,INSYALLAH ,and whoever who read and concern about this , please pray for my beautifull journey

urs truly,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

u dun noe tat

  1. ppl wont noe,wat we noe , its between us and Allah swt , of course im a weak servant........ppl wil misunderstood our action witout knowin our hearts.........it hurts , when ppl mk us crying .,crying and being weak..no,its been strong ..when ur crying , u feel much sadd and of course, Ya Allah , be much closer , cus ur truly weak ,,,,nobody listen except Him ..
  2. ya Allah, i hope nothing but to be forgive