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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Listen to KIM hee chul LIve from korea

As we already know,KIM HEE CHUL (super junior's member) part-time job is also as a DJ.so just tune here if u want to hear CHullie's voice !If not mistaken from 7pm Malaysia time and korea i dont remember! >,< mianhee~ btw for those who want to listen or learn hangul you can listen it here too.But the most important is,it is LIVE from KOREA and we can listen to SUJU'S voice.=D hihi,macam la tak bole dengar lagu jek~hihi.Kindly click the link below if u want to listen to HEE CHUL'S voice and listen to KOREAN-POP music.U can also have live chat from other listeners!

pic snapped during SS2 (AIGOO~so attempting)

xo momoe

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