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Thursday, February 16, 2012

my life

hello hello , hello and hello people !
just finished throwing all the output that i learnt for few blocks , everything is fine except anatomy part , HUH , i need to practice a lot .. my life after stepping into this course ? well said , still learning and learning to improve myself , the environment ? my sgd is okay , not really , i dont feel any LOVE BOND between us , like i used to feel in UITM , it's like everyone is at there for memorising and throwing what u know , i hate the MEMORISING PART , only at 2nd year got the application... >.< oh memorising is not my expertise , but I NEED TO UNDERSTAND and MEMORISE only i know and remember , my room ? getting better after mok bought me a kipas , the TABLE ? is small especially during study weeks , i dunnoe where to put my notes , even i scrathed my left arm many times bcus of the STUPID screw at the bed ladder , dammit, SHOULD BUY BOXES/RACK ?? ! STUDY GROUP , ALHAMDULILAH after few months finally i managed to find study partners , they help me to understand better , it's just that im too lazy to GO especially when im not well prepared =[ =[ i need to see doc fuad after this , how to GAIN MORE on ANATOMY , lisa and nur help me so much with the study especially during study weeks..thankyu for being during the time i lost in my study and not just during fun time (so sorry idk how to gossiping) , alhamdulilah , after this need to PLAN BETTER , and yes im REALLY FEEL DISTRACTED with someone who keep posting PSYCHO-ING STATUS ON FB , LIKE THE VICTIM OF THE SITUATION , what's wrong with you ?pointing a finger to someone else , lets musahabah ourselves ! know the concept , and apply it ,,,stop being drama queen ........... do ya need someone to accompany ya to poo ? LOL ... HEmmm, my mok said just ignore it and yes .... and yeh just now i approved some frenz request from A PILOT , SO CUTE ............. BUT IM NOBODY , SO I GUESS , [= [= [= BYE BYE MR PILOT ............... thats all. too lazy to blog , bye asslkm wbt ^_^Y