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Friday, March 26, 2010

i fall in l.o.v.E 사랑하다

안녕하세요!! i fall in ♥ ??Yah,i ve to admit.he's the most coolest guy i ve ever meet.He makes me mellow everytime he smile.He is so gentleman and my ideal kind of guy.The best part that he said was "u r my GIRL now!" OMG OMG this is so thrill and i want him to hug me,but it is possible for us to be together! T...T why??because he's not in malaysia.he's in korea.The distance separate us..OMO~alright,meet my lovely future bf (drum rolls plezz!!)

tadaaaaa~~ meet my new OEPPA (I REALLY2 HOPE I'LL FIND A GUY LIKE THIS)

Name: 정용화 / Jung Yong Hwa (i call him SHINWOO~)
Profession: Singer and actor (Im future doc )
Birthdate: 1989-Jun-22 (3 years older than me XD )
Height: 180cm (im 163 cm)
Blood Type: A (i dunnoe my type)
Star sign: Cancer (leo girl here)
Talent agency: F&C Music
KPOP group: C.N. Blue ( korean indie band)
Hobbies: Listening to music, piano

how did i meet him??hehe.LMAO.u can click and it watch here loh UR BEAUTIFULL ♥♥ guys this gonna be my last post!I give my huge thanks for everyone in this virtual world and thanks for visting MOMOE and keep clicking my BUNNYBANK (mr nuffy).I want to apologise also for every mistakes and i pray everyone a 행복 (HAENGBOK/HAPPINESS) in life.Do pray for my success =) coz am gonna climb BIG MOUNTAIN after this.Till then~

thanks to all of this KAWAII LADIES fo giving me awards (VISIT their blog coz its fabolous)

ps:tis ez only my last post,but nuffhunting will be carry oN as usual till i got my first $$ :PPP
and i dunnoe if this really going be the laz post coz human can change right???!! (^.*)



  1. xjumpa mana kmu pnya shoutbox.. kui2..
    so hafta leave msg here...

    신우군이 좋아애요? ㅎㅎㅎ...

  2. Ohohoho.. Looks like we are falling for the same guy.. Hik hik.. :)

    Erk.. Anyway, thanx for dropping by dan untuk komen kamu itu ya.. Heehee.. :)

  3. shin woo oppa :)
    love him too haha :P

  4. hihihihihihi me love him trillioons times XD


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