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Sunday, March 21, 2010

super junior havoc show in KL

yehaaa..the time that have been waiting by MALAYSIAN ELFS finally come!!!20 march 2010 the most unforgetable and unbeatable night for every SUPER JUNIOR die hard fans.wahahaa,im really excited.The indoor stadium BKT JALIL was buzzing with excitement and cheers from crazy crowds.The opening were perfomed by ???? and ????.i dont remember their names actually.But from chinese group and malay singer.well not so famous i bet.i headed to bkt jalil at 5 pm from cheras accompanied by my parents,big sistas ang big bro.When we reached,many fans already queing up to enter stad.hehe,lucky for us because my sis and i juz Potong que.so we dont have to wait for longer time. :P Well,got few booths selling suju's merchandise but very expensive loh!i really hope super junior will come again and i want to buy the rock pitt ticket neXt time =D suju members reallly funny and they interact alot with the fans, shake hand, shooting water gun, playing with the toys that the fans throw at the stage.every moment is appreciated, i’m really glad i go to the concert!! SUPER JUNIOR EYOOK~~

pretty hee chul holding a yellow flower
me and my sis..so fat :))

b4 the concert started,everyone looks calm..haha..nope..

am waiting for my 11 pretty boys =D


i love u,u love me Dong hae dong hae
this handsome guy give me big fat kiss..i love u too siwon!!

yesung with all suzuuu =)

xo momoe


  1. best giler semalam:) sampai sekarang still terbayang² dorang XD but from my seat, stage jauh sgt². ish. btw i'm so excited bile eunhyuk kuar ^-^

  2. yahhh....same here =D len kli bli rokpitt aah

  3. tau xpe!! len kali beli rockpitt kan kan..yg kat rockpitt dah la dpt shake hand dgn kyuhyun pulak tu,dpt interact dgn dorg lagi =_= ish jeles gilew!

  4. moe, minat dong hae ke ho dong star king tu?

    baik amik shin dong :)))))))))))))))

  6. hye momoe!! thx for dropping by my blog last night
    tak sangka kamu elf juga^^
    I had written about how I stalked them on 21st March on my blog..haha
    Feel free to come and check it out

    p/s:I'm wookie's bigfan^^

  7. thanks mokteh!!!!
    oke i'll ^^~


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