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Thursday, August 25, 2011


HONGKI , what's wrong withe face ? are u Sick ?

SO TRUE for me

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

heyoheyo ~~

assalamulaikum . idk y , but i get mad very easily lately and i am very emotional WHY?. am i having A hypertension ? masyAllah ~~ it's just that im lil bit stressed with the fee .... i just realised usm fee cost for rm19++ , much expensive than uitm =.= ,it's not that we couldnt afford to pay , but I dont want to burden my parents and my siblings especially my sis ... lucky ppl who dont need any scholars to pay their fee...idk what's going to happen , just lil bit sad =(( , to futher study , money need to be invest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, haisssh so confius ~~ if dont pay now,need to wait for jpa...but wait , ptptn and jpa is differ ...i really dont know,how they are going to cut our yuran??? HELLO HELLO ?can somebody enlighten me??????hopefully , just can pay tomorrow and settled everything without waiting,,,urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~~~~ JUST SAD cus need to burden my sis and brothers with thee fee :[ , i hate this ~~~ if i've a MILLION , lol .... hemmm

ya ALLAH tenangkanlah jiwa ku ini , buangkanlah sikap marah di dalam hati ku ini dan gantikanlah dengan kasih sayang dan cinta ,.. insyAllah,amin ~


Monday, August 22, 2011

it's kitty,hello kitty


assalamualaikum ^_^ , LOL some cute HELL-o kitty coppp on my pic ~ i made it using Fb app , and yet another little gift , i bought during our way to penang last week ^_^ , happy with this big doll called KITTY Bee~...so sweet and cute plus VERY CHEAP oO :D , im luving it so much since before this i only have plushie , but not a DOLL ... it's not original Sanrio , but nevehhh mind .. XD ~ that's all .. peace ! and happy lailatul qadar ~ insyAllah ! btw congratulations to pretty SAM since u already found out my blog =p (my 3rd asasi friends who knew my momoekitty =p)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

little gift

assalamualaikum and morning !
thanks fathinoraziera @ cikgegurl yg comel for giving me this Kad HarI raya..wahh,sarangeyooo =D .it's 2.15 am already,as usual INSOMNIA !! very bad bad sleep disorder =.= and yes these below pics were some of randomn pics during my 19th =] , something happened , idk wether it was bad or a good day , but i knew that ALLAH SWT gave us some difficulty to make us strong and realised what should we not do! masyALLAH ='] , hope this thing wont happen again in future, insyAllah !
opps...this is MAMA PUTEH ,my OLD cat ~! i said 'NO,NO,NOO mama :p'

ربنا طالمنا انفسنا وااِرلم تغفرلنا وتر حمنا لنا كو ننا من الحا صرين :
::Rabanaa dzalamnaa anfusanaa waillam taghfirlanaa watarkhamnaa lanakuunanna minal khasiriin::
"Ya Tuhan kami, kami telah menganiaya diri kami sendiri, dan jika Engkau tidak meng-ampuni diri kami dan memberi rahmat kepada kami, niscaya pastilah kami termasuk orang-orang yang merugi".


Sunday, August 14, 2011


sabarrrr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sabarrrrrrrrrrrr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,manusia mcm ragam,,bukan semua perfect >.<


assalamualaikum,it's 2.30 am

hemmm=) frustration smile .......... yehhhh ~ 15/8/2011

GOODBYE ......... and im content with everything now......amin amin

Monday, August 8, 2011

my passion

assalamualaikum to myself and anyone who read this..hahah.....

my name is HELLO KITTY
and im bored ~
what's on my mind ?
thinking to open my own hk boutique... LOLzzz ~
no larrr..im hungry ==' oke cya ~