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Thursday, March 18, 2010

super junior 2nd asia tour live in kl

ariba aribaaa
i cant wait fo tomolo..gonna meet hottest korean boys in asia...suju ssaranghle :P but cameras are not allow!!how to sneak????omg T..T and they will stay in GRAND MILLENIUM hotel near at pavilion..tee hee..we gonna stalk em!!!ARe WE???dunnoe yet..yah juz pray so i can snap suju's pic banyak2 yah :) well deeply excited now!! we gonna meet SHINDONG,LEE TEUK,HEE CHUL,SIWON,HANKYUNG,YESUNG,DONG HAE,and 3 more boys (i dun remember actuly) =.= for sure KIBUM,KANGIN,HANGENG tak ade T..T never mind!no,i mind actually..haiyooo,,kinda nerveous now,,wahahhaha,,,mcm la suju nak bagi FREE HUG dkat aq..anyway we gonna dancing out of the air tomolo...yehaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!suke,,suke..suke....jgn2 concert batal?! oh damn...........NONONONO =)


  1. takkan la batal cik adik oii..ni ade dak umah akak pegi gak ni..tak sesabo nak pegi..eh xleh bwk camera ke?

  2. excited giler un:P esok je tggl; 24 hours lagi XD nak stalk but don't hav transport maa :(

  3. WAHAHAAA..DUN FOGET amik manyak pics yah!!!


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