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Saturday, May 28, 2011

wish me lucks !

assalamualaikum,wish me luckss for my beautifull journey, rmcp interview and pre-medical in uitm shah alam....it's all on 30 MAY 2011 =] YA ALLAH please bless my journey..amin amin... i want to be a good doctor to be with adequate sc and med knowledge with a package of right attitude...insyALLAH =]

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


serabott !! there and there.... damn harddddddddd terpaksa ulang alik !!! im not giving up..... o ALLAH please bless my journey.. amin2 ~

Sunday, May 8, 2011

uitm puncak alam asasi sains 2011/2012

[ 21 may 2015 ]

assalamualaikum , hehe baru dapat update . anyways ASASI datang lagi . nothing much to say . i do but im LAZY . plus something big is coming ..... can u guess??!!! EXAM .. life is up and down now .
please pray for my success , amin =)

anyway need help leave comment oki .( im old senior already , i dont know how is the syllabus right now ) but if need my advise  or kate2 semangat bookmark my blog . lol lol

' be prepare before class . focus , enjoy ur school and make the grade ! ' everything will be fine
have faith to Allah swt and urself =) . . aim for what u want , start earlier but dont pressure urself

Asasi is a kickstart to make ur dream come true , only got 5 6 7 a's ? dont worry forget about SPM
dah jadi sejarah . ur already secure ur place in UITM . so dont lose urself . just target

4 FLAT ~!~!~~! okay =) its never too late . u dont have to be super duper genius to score . just need a preseverance and rajin !! insyallah .. kk ...

kakak momoe =p

{31/May 2013]

salam wbt and hi ,

im back , btw cograzttt first to all my little sis n bro tahun 1995 ya ? cus u guys will be in palam this sunday . As for me ? doing medical degree 2ND YEAR , heading to 3rd year soon , having selanjr this july but HAVENT DO ANYTHING =[ im so bad .... oh im in USM KK ,kelate now =] .. how's medical study ? HAHA i nvr update about tat today . too lazy to tell how sweet being md study , i mean its a small matter n i believe there's a lot of kakak abang bloggers yang update bout md's study life . well ITS FINE , very INTERESTING and NEED WORK LIKEA HELL , but me bit lazy bit rajin , haishhh , nvr mind i will tell more when im in 5th year study ? insyALLAH =DD ,

OH study tips for palam ,? let me add little bit ya .. im too malas to tell but let me summarized evelytint =D which is

#drum rolls please ....

haha lol , oke . nothing much , STUDY HARD AND SMART , DONT BE LAZY BUMP , UNDERSTAND FIRST , IF DONT FAIL , DONT AND NEVER GIVE UP , FOCUS AND AIM FOR 4.00 FLAT , INSYALLAH ALLAH SWT IS THERE , AND HE'S LISTENING =] DONT WORRY MUCH , WHEN IN PALAM OPEN UR MIND , CONTROLL URSELF , LIKE MASELF , MEMANG SUKA DUK LAM BILIK BCUS MY ROOMATE BUKAN KAKI JALAN2 , HAHA , OK anything bole baca kat bawah . banyak tat i alredy said , heewww . ok take care in palam n GAMBATTEEEEE , wish me luck too in USM , tq for reading , as alwayss hunyyy *bear hug* anything can inbox me , my fb is fatin fakhriah  , if tak jumpa can email loh fatinfakhriah@rocketmail.com (im quite busy , excuse me if i dun reply >.< )



20.may.2012 [updated] Assalamualaikum.HI , err hello there ^_^y , call me MOmoe , 20 y/o , currently studying in medical usm kubang kerian . im batch 2010/2011 (2years older than u now) , nothing much to say , read my post carefully and apologise if im not being able to answer ur questions , bcus some is I DONT REALLY KNOW or REMEMBER (Y) ppl will forget evrytin when they get older :B btw whatever come across ur mind i believe everything is answered , so dun bother to type same questions , read it and understand ^^ , once u finish ur sem 1 u can find me again ! i'll tell u more .how ? easy just BOOKMARK my blog [momoekitty.blogspot.com] and u wont lose anything muahehehe.. for now chillaxx...olrite enjoy with ur newww life, wish me lucks 2 , amin


 26.May.2012 [updated] [TIPS] not so much tips cus im not the best person to advice ya , im not the one who always get A's in exam like my other friends , others might pass easily but i didnt, i struggled a lot and actually i did failed my test during asasi, so success didnt come in easy way 4 me,whenever i fall , i cried but , , the best thing is when failure is with u ,u'll stand again and climb again, work hard and smart and focus in HALL ,maybe SHORT NOTES can help u too ,but if ur kinda person who can scan and remember everytin without joting down any notes,then go on, b4 LECTURE , PLEASE READ 1ST,if dont understand ask ur tutor or lecturers , be brave ^^ , discussion wif friends osoe can help u ... b4 exam revise and revise...understand makes ur life easier...math ? just practise2..bio ? read understand remember , chemistry ? understand !! the most important is in tutorial class,never skip any lecture or tutorial , but i did especially in physics =.= , and be HUMBLE ,no matter how great ur results gonna be , either u get A+ or anything,but dont worry i believe every1 hv their own potential , its just how u use it , im in 1st year now in medical schhol and my exam i osoe didnt get A's but alhamdulilah i passed it, im not a A'S student i hope i can be one day, sometimes i didnt focus or work smart, and im struggling , so it depends on urself , focus is important , and struggle ! i hope ya guys can pray for my beautifull journey here too =] dun worry much , u hv aim to b a doc , so work 4 it , perseverance is important ,asasi , JUST WORK AS LONG AS U CAN ! NEVER GIVE UP , GV MORE ... insyALLAH semoga dipermudahkanNya,, and of cus , ALLAH SWT is always there , pray ! enjoy the school :D , oversea can , but all 4flatters are studying in local universities uitm ukm usm um ums unimas unisza , u can apply at indo , or india or mesir or any which is under mara or private universities such msu , some is self sponsored or under mara or ptptn loans ,the best thing studying here , u hv jpa , which u dun ned to pay back , but ned 2 serve 4 governments , maybe ull b bit pening wif what i said here , dun wory , ull noe later as u reach ur 2nd sem , so focus on ASASI 1st ;]

pray for my journey yah ! -interventional cardiologist-

my b3 classmates -mardhiyah,mami affina,me,moss,dhiyana,teha`

in PHYSICS LAB ~ experiment *.*

it's THE CLIMB ~ mendaki bukit instead of TANGGA.

my b3-ians with chem tutor

my PRETTY HOUSEMATES ~[ asasi gala night]

me with fatin affina [smart and kind-hearted]

me and jojo [ a LOL-er] and mardhiyah

my polkadot bedsheet <-- rm10 only =p

assalamualaikum,saje je buat postt ni..nak kasi nuffnang naek..lol...okeoke future asasians GOOD LUCK ! here few guide to ya =P .. PUNCAK ALAM is AWESOME =) any questions just drop a comment below ~^^ *take a deep breath and READD!! and random pics2 sume psl my life in palam~ my BESTIES jojo,affina,moss,mardyh and my tutor/b3-ians/pretty housemates


BUKU2 : BUKU SPM,bawak lar physics addmath chem bio..bwk sikit j sbb x sentuh mana actuly.just if awk nak recall balik.sbb i prefer based on LECTURER/google internet.ANYTHING IKUT KATA LECTURER!!notes lecturer akan bagi!ur CLASS REPRESENTATIVE incharged utk photostat NOTES2 =].dalam HALL,lecturers akan bagi HINTS utk test & exam..PASANG TELINGA oke!

PHYSICS --> ada basic SPM .buku GIANCOLI PHYSICS.yg ni beli dgn lecturer.! WAJIB.nanti dia potong elaun untuk bayar!

BIOLOGY : buku CAMPBELL.WAJIB beli dgn lecturer.ptg elaun.SLIDE NOTES based on LECTURER.kalau lecturer kate A,A lah jwpn nye..blaja cells,nutrition and etc...more to understand & memorise conceptual

MATH : yg ni laen dari ADDMATH snang lar.basic xm3 + math.tp kn FAHAM,HAFAL,INGAT byk step bila nak solve problems.salin notes & guna matriculation books.bole beli sendiri or lecturr

CHEMISTRY : Basic SPM ada.acid base,electrochem,periodic table n etc .yg ni pun NOTES dr LECTURER & matriculation books.bole beli sendiri or lectrr =]

LECTURE: Hari2 larr except WEEKEND!!..lam sehari 2-3 lectures..either 2-3hours per lecture (attendance assumed as MARKS )

TUTOR CLASS : 1 hour only.every wex 4 class lar phy chm bio math.( mase ni tuk discuss tutorial/tanya benda xfaham).lam tutor ade QUIZ and ada marks.!(attendance assumed as MARKS )

LAB PRACTICAL : 2jam untuk each except fo MATH.math xde.mase ni buat LAB mcm kat skul.differ nya LAB REPORT,u buat sendiri and submit 4 grading.kat skul cegu bagi eh?lebih kurang lar..(WAJIB PAKAI LAB COAT/beli sendiri/beli dgn uitm rm45 )(attendance assumed as MARKS )

EXAM: ade 2 kali TEST,1 FINAL EXAM. LECTURER akan terangkan on first day camne grading dia k.dun worry ^^~

CARRY MARKS : QUIZ + ATTENDANCE HALL LAB TUTOR + TEST + ASSIGNMENTS = 30% [ ni dgr mase lctrr/tutor xplain k]

ASSIGNMENTS : scrapt book/online assgmt/presentation in hall

GRADING : nak dpt 4.00 MATH WAJIB A'S . 3 subjects je dikira..2 lagi its up 2 em..mane u dpt tinggi,itu akan dikira. =]

QUIZ : every weeks in tutor class !! b prepared j larr..(carry marks)
TEST : 2 kali test (carry marks )

FAIL subjects ?? KENA REPEAT EXAM ~ jgn larr FAIL,nanti kena cover untuk sem1 and sem 2

MUET : no english class..self-learning..at the end of sem1 ada bengkel MUET sehari.... kena score band 4,5,6 nk dpt critical course mc medik n etc !
overall,dalam LECTURE HALL kena SALIN NOTES and FAHAMKAN selalu.CUKUP KAN TIDOR and JANGAN TIDUR LAM HALL.takut xleh CATCH UP..jgn KOYA first SEM,ramai JATUH firstsem..

House : satu apartment 4 bilik,1 bilik 2 orang,ada toilet and ruang tamu kecik.toilet ada ampaian,cume kecik.takut nanti housemates laen pun nak jemur,takut kite xpat nak jemur,heheh...xde light off mcm hostel.cus ni da uni's life =]. bawak WIRE LAN kalu xmo bwk BROADBAND.1 bilik 1 lan ,so share2 larr dgn rumate.BILIK TV,DOBI and SURAU kat floor 1 .sedia DUIT SYILING,,RM2..pastu ade DRYER RM2 gak..sabun2 bwk lar.kalu nak JIMAT,BASUH sDIRI after mandi..hehe

Electrical appliances : RM 10 per item *kena reg n bayar =]

cafe : ade WIFI,ade MINI MART ( baldi2 sabun mknn,kalu malas nak OUTING beli situ je tapi MAHAL CIKIT ) ,ade tempat jual mknn2..purata belanja rm5-10 larr per day.. nk jimat pandai2 larr =)

riadah : petang2 bole sewa BASIKAL kalu rajin /jogging or rehat and bla bla bla ....

pakaian : isnin n jumaat BAJU KURUNG girls..hari lain jeans and anything yg sopan,..heels,make up bole ( tp budak asasi xpayah larr =P) .. as long dun b too sexy like a korean babe or else kena saman pak gad..hati2! =)) boys : isnin KEMEJA..the rest anything as long bukan shorts or boxer...lol...hati2 PAKGAD UITM mcm garang sikit.! =="

TRANSPORT :Kalu malas nk daki tangga,naek bus RM1.bus rapid..bus setiap 1 hour ade.tp budak2 prefer tangga..kalu dok larat sgt naek bus leh =) ..

OUTING : nek bus lar..bus u90 (rm1) k klang central/shah alam (rm2).kat klang central ade GIANT/nk beli tiket bus.kat shah alam,ade sacc mall n etc.biase first sem budak2 suka keluar.jgn outing every wekend k ! nnti disturb ,..SERIOUSLY!oh sunway pun dekat dgn palam~ (iceskating???YEHHH...never went to sunway..lol)

MCD : depan palam pun ade ...nek bus larr =]

CLINIC : ada dalam uitm..dekat college angsana ^^~ FREE !

TANGGA : tangga palam mcm BATU CAVES .. so kena TOUGH larr!sport shoe is helping..mineral h2o osoe !! nanti dehydrate kan

INTERNET : in ur room akan ade LAN..so make sure bawak WIRE LAN..BROADBAND sgt2 slow especially CELCOM..

LAPTOP : 45% important..if no laptop,ada lab comp.laptop guna utk research,o9 assgmnts,but ada jep xbawak laptop.tapi mcm susah lar..

ALLOWANCE : rm1000+ per sem .... each sem dpt larr :D .but uitm akan tolak duet tuk bayar buku GIANCOLLI and CAMBPELL dr elaun

cocorikulum : 10% dikira..byk aktivity mcm ceramah n etc. WAJIB kumpul 8 kUpon =) ni mcm ur spm jgk larr =)


-jadi anak2 uitm akan diberi keutamaan tuk buat degree di uitm
-sem 2 akan ade ANUAL DINNER~ weee BOLe pakai cantik2 =p ( i look very mak datin-ish tat night)=P
-CHARLIE serangga yg mengigit and leave SCARS benda ni ADA kat palam,so jgn buka tingkap!!!!but dun worry FOGGING ada..just be carefull :D

that's all...ENJOY THE SCHOOL and MAKES THE GRADE ...weeeeeeee =pp G Luck y'all may ALLAH SWT bless ur journey ppl ! amin^^~

p.s : IM going to attend for pre-medical program this 30th may..pray for me yah !!! and ya can share and copy bole but please full credits : momoekitty.blogspot.com =)))


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

too much to say

assalamualaikum wbt =] .. seriously too much to ask to them...why oh why?why dont we just accept and be gratefull?i might be too young and i wont know how would they feel right now...i wish i have the power to help everyone..ALLAH is the merciful and He will never let him ppl to turns down..amin =]