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Monday, December 21, 2009

aNother DULL and boring dAy

ape nk buat ni??
as usual everyday eat,sleep,fbINg,..same routine each day..
boriink nye..kalau pandai drive weoo bole jalan2..hee..but i need to hv drivin license first!!!!!!
huh..wuf im going to do in this 5 months??working??neehh..malas la.ouchhhh..this holis should b fill wif useful xtvty..but what??nak b fcbook pon x de mood..malas nak fb..dun wanna get involve
with probz..sudaa serik..5 novi too pon x hilang lg..when trying to b honest,i was fooled..sudaa sedih...onestly,pain in my heart is not fully recover..mybe this is lessont for me to never get involved w XxXXXXXX..we cant change ppl manner..even ppl cant chge uz rite.so fatin wuf do u expect??...weoo sorry readers (if ade yg baca) not in mood..feel kinda useless!! come on fatin,dunt let ppl to make u down..its not a big deal!!!.its ez to say I'm sorry dehhh..but....
u noe la..mybe it takes time to forgive ppl..heeeeeeee...but im talking bout d truth laa..ppl juz denied it..so wuf elze??its look like im a bad person.. T.T
sorry apologise n admite our mistake is only the way to save situation,,oh yess..yeah yeah..bear in ur mind fatin u juz expressed wuf u felt.. IM NOT GUILTY??im wrong..im guilty..im guilty...huh..i feel bad bout dis..it's my fault..oke..i admitted it.wuff a disaster...
get involved w ppl then get troubled into unexpected situation..i hope 2010 wouldn't b a disaster year for me..gudbye sucks 2009..i want to hv a hepy life..dun want any tears rolling down my cheek.ouch!!ahh juz forget everytinnnnn....i juz want hapinezz in my life..du wan stuck in any trouble or b involve wif any ppl's life ohh unlez dey ned my help oO..sory ppl!!
and of coz 10a's...amin amin..
dun want to b a crying puppet nymore... cheers fatin!!!!!!!! :)

actuly pic above is hannah wardrobe n room...hehe..i played hannah montana game laz nite..its quite fun..eventhough hnh hate asians i still hv my heart on hnh..weoooooo!!!its cute rite??oke ppl see u when i see u!!!! bubye,,muachhh

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