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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ouh Momoe is back!

im Back with new mOOd (not a Hapy mood)!
no more school,books,teacs & classmates..sorry even no more those stuff didnt meant i dun love u guys,,hehe..still having u guys in my heart lahh..khkhk
so its been 2 weeks since spm ended..im duin notin now..olrite i wanna continue my story bout Spm..rite now is bout chem's ppr..ugh..im quite sad actuly as i dun think i was doing well..hahhhhhhhhhhhhh.........Ya Allah,but dere's no use crying over a spoilt milk rite??i wish to kick c pemotar gula kapas to..she md me confused..i noe i shuldnt think bout it rite..but juz one lessont here,BELIEVING IN UR INSTINCT is better than believe on others..so fo those who's going to be a spm's taker in few days more wish u bunch of lucks..sigh...
alrite notin else to say..

juz wanna say thanks a million for reading this post!!

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