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Thursday, December 31, 2009


hello ppl!!!
finally i hd settled down in penang wif my sys
im away fom my adeq popo n parents
actuly my mission here is to lose my weight
i dun wan to b call c gendot lagi :( *its hurt me*

slim kan??haha..may my wish come true..amin2
last nite i hv a nightmare dream,i dreamt tat i got 6a's in PMR results
im scared laa...i dunnoe if dis is d sign bout my spm results.. :(
oh Ya Allah..i dunnoe wether i deserve to get 10a's..but i really2 craving fo straight a's after i worked hard..im rely hoping fo 10a's.. Ya ALLah plezz grant my prayer..amin2 !!!!!

o-o takot takot

oke lets close bout dis stry..dun want spoilt my new yer spirit :)

lets talk bout HELLO KITTY oke..

juz now i went to S&J GIFT shop..its like bubbles la sell many cute cute stuff

n osoe got HK stuff..aowww..but most of items old stock.. bubbles sell it osoe..price osoe same aaahh..

so i just bought few items..wanna c it??

later la i upload..malas la nak snap picture

i bought diary to write all stories in 2010,hk keyboad sticker,hk pen,n penanda buku (forgot laa in eng)

they sell hk doll osoe..huge kitty doll..cost rm2++..n got medium size rm52.90

insyALLah i'll buy it later..hehe..rite now feel like not going to spend any money to xpnsve things..sy bukan org kayaa maa..kena jd thrifty person (miss SUPERsaver) bukan nye miss bigSPEnder..

olrite another story aa,

ALL of my friends are bz with driving license and another useful activities..

their parents kayaa so they hv chance to do all those xtvty..for me in this 3 months i'll learn english and hangkuk(KOREAN lang) using my internet je laa..by myself je laa..its okay bcoz i can work by myself..that's y im writing in english in my blog so that my eng can b improve..hehe..okey fatin dun 4get yuh to practise eng yuh...

bye ppl!

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