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Friday, December 4, 2009

so how Do u love my newLAYOUT?

finaLLY i changed mY blog layout
tis newer one is cute and eye-catching than d old one!!
hehe,,after 3 hours non-stop i finally found tis cute tummy layout
even i got tis new layout i feel sad
maybe bcoz i cant show tis blog to ma frenz!!
i dun hv any frenz in blogger world..
i wish if they are here so tat dey can praise ma layout.
haiyaa...fatin is actuly want to show off..
ouh v v v bad me! :p
tadi,i juz visited physic's blog..
tat teac post spm phys anzwr..i got 40 out 0f 50..
but i wish i can get 42 o 43 as dey r few answs i dunnoe so i juz temabk TEmbak..
i hope my shot will on d target!
lately i found tat blogging is really bored..
myb bcoz of i dun hv fernz here..ummm :(
hayaa,,damn bored
umm..tis 8 dec chem's ppr..i hope can pass w A'S!!!
Amin..amin...haiyaa im hungry laHh..umm ouh ya not 4get to mention im going to off fo few days..so long ppl bye!!

+fatin is waiting 4 her hk IM hepy plushy ^^

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