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Sunday, July 10, 2011


assalamualaikum,little advices for me and everyone who's in the same situation... hemmmmr,im pretty worried with myself.i think more on unnecessary things and i get lost.yehh,i didnt talk but i think..this is my weakness,and i want to improve my weakness =[

about an hour ago, by sis ajemi :

sorry for taking such a long time to msg. it takes a lot of will to do so. writing this give me a tinge of sadness. but im very happy to help. so hope this will help u..:)

1) im not strong willed enough
majority of med students, if not all, will feel, in certain time, to give up.. there are too many things to cramped into ur head. so those who success, they are the ones who hold on tight. im not saying that i give up on my ambition, but i give up working hard. i sholud work harder. i should push myself beyond my limit. but i din do that, so i have another year to prove that.

2) im always homesick.. hehee.. this is embarassing. i always go home every chance i got, so this kinda reduced my study hours. some people can cope with going home often, but the travelling is tiresome to me, so im always tired..

3) sometime i just memorise things without DEEP understanding. and that was never a good thing to do.

4) i dont really ask people when i dont understand certain thing that i consider 'tiny'. so even for certain thing that u considered to be trivial, dont just let it hang there.

5) i dont really discuss wt my fren. this was a very bad thing, since what i think i understand, may not be the true concept. i learnt this lesson the hard way, by failing. .

hope this help. do ask me if u have any question. insyaAllah i will try to help... :)
good luck!..

p.s : please limit ur time on FB , but md terms please finish it .. im going to deactivate my acc...i've spent everyday on FB ..... ouchhhhhhhhhhh

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