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Monday, July 18, 2011

arwah tok wok

assalamualaikum, a post about my late grandmother , she passed away when i was in uitm shah alam,my very first day during pre-med study.She died because of having lots of disease complications which is diabetis mellitus and kidney failure , still remember my very 1st day of lecture , KIDNEY ! yehhh , insyallah , will create the awareness ~~ miles to go and need to work really hard and smart [= , may Allah swt bless my path .. seriously , there's lotsa things idk, ilmu ALLAH swt ~~~ i'll learn ..

Dear fatin. first of all, congratulation for choosing medicine as your career.

dear sister, in everything we do, we did it step by step and did not approach it all of sudden. That's the wisdom that Allah bless upon all of us. the same thing... with medicine. you did not jump straight into the hectic clinical year life, dealing with patient, coping with dead etc.

you will grow up gradually in this medical school. starting for premed, preclinical, clinical, Housemanship.. all those journey will prepare you to be a good muslim doctor.

feeling weak is normal as human being in no matter what profession we embraced. even our prophet cried a lot and suffer such a great trial. the same thing goes with what we will embrace.

Just correct your niat to learn medicine because of Allah and insyaALLAH everything be fine. Usaha, doa dan tawakkal~~

p.s : chill yawww ~ i luv home XD , i luv tv , i luv my fridge XD .. and hungryyy...glad im able to fast now,but reyy hungryyyyy lohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~


  1. medic is what iwant to learn n practice.. but dont have the chance


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