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Monday, November 23, 2009

live YOUR life as a PEnggangor??

2 papers more and then will live as a penganggor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehe..too early kah to live as pggr?
td bio papers
quite easy as aIR bato +++ (hiyoo,someone is too hepy)
WAHHHH ......noo laaaaa..got easy and hard part!
at least got pro n contra..fuhh!!thanks to ALLah swt i can answer it too..thanks thanks
hehe..bio spot fo ppr 3 x kena pon..at least dun bang bang as i oldy read the expment lohh..
i learnt we muz believe wuf our heart said but sometimes we muz not believe our instinct
but our instinct is uzully correct,so juz believe it!!haha..me talk too much..hehe
so konklusinya,ada senang jugak susaah!
hehe..fuhh 2 days more is physics
haiyaaaaa...me going to die
do pray for my success..really want get stret a's in exam spm..
dun want to b too ove confident..im juz hoping wuf i've wrote answered is all correct..aminx2!
thanks a bunch for those wishing me lucks..hehe
will update more after my last paper chemistry end!!
yeh.........will update more bout HELLO KITTY!
can anyone smell HK FON now?? :P can't wait to get d cute punk pink pang fon~
COME on girls,say hooo rey MERDEKA!!!!!!!!
yuhhh..tq cayunk fo reading!!!
beST OF love,

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