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Sunday, August 26, 2012


ya Allah , o YA ALLAH , i miss the old me ,:i ve zero idea of myself now, i want to run run, but where to go , im so tirer sad mad , where am i going now, 20 and alone , only have Allah , i dont know, im broke , no money , no jobs ,im hungry,im thinking of running away from house but where going , i dont have husband lolz , why u hate me so much , why , its better to not live in this world , so that everone is happy , less burden ,too bad , dont gv us school whn we r young if u dun wan to suffer , but in the end ur suffering too , apologise , 3yeaa, i my family is not nlrmal ,im not normal too , why , its all wrong from beginnnjng but who am i to judge ,indded i need to change myself , my attitjde , i dunnoe about myself , i cant get well along with my roomates in uitm n jsm before this , i mean im bad , sot
rry rs more n i will pay everything , its hard to be in poor family , we hv to work hard for  this blog is stupid , fuck , soory , 


  1. salam nak tye kak senior palam =)
    kalau nk dpt A kene berapa markah per 100 tu?

  2. wslm i dun remember , sory


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