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Sunday, August 26, 2012

i caant

i caant read my own post . FU , sorry ,

[2nd year updated]

Depending on your preference:
Medical: Kumar & Clark, Davidson, Hutchison clinical methods, Terry & Oconner Clinical Exam, ABC ECG, Ganong Pathophysilolgy, Katzung Clinical Pharmacology
Surgical: Browse, Bailey & Love,
Pathology: basic pat

hology by (forgot the name)
Musculoskeletal: Apley's Orthopaedics
Haematology: essential Haemato

You may also learn to search article/journal/EBM for up to date information...

not to forget to emphasize on Clinical skills/History Taking/proper systemic clinical examination...
humm , hopefully dapat senior same course dalam rumah , at least , amin >.< ~


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