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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

heyoheyo ~~

assalamulaikum . idk y , but i get mad very easily lately and i am very emotional WHY?. am i having A hypertension ? masyAllah ~~ it's just that im lil bit stressed with the fee .... i just realised usm fee cost for rm19++ , much expensive than uitm =.= ,it's not that we couldnt afford to pay , but I dont want to burden my parents and my siblings especially my sis ... lucky ppl who dont need any scholars to pay their fee...idk what's going to happen , just lil bit sad =(( , to futher study , money need to be invest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, haisssh so confius ~~ if dont pay now,need to wait for jpa...but wait , ptptn and jpa is differ ...i really dont know,how they are going to cut our yuran??? HELLO HELLO ?can somebody enlighten me??????hopefully , just can pay tomorrow and settled everything without waiting,,,urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~~~~ JUST SAD cus need to burden my sis and brothers with thee fee :[ , i hate this ~~~ if i've a MILLION , lol .... hemmm

ya ALLAH tenangkanlah jiwa ku ini , buangkanlah sikap marah di dalam hati ku ini dan gantikanlah dengan kasih sayang dan cinta ,.. insyAllah,amin ~


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