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Sunday, October 10, 2010

how does it feels to be loved?

sorry but today i want to talk about love...i know it sounds very JIWANG-ish
but im a 18 years old girl and im deserve to talk bout this crap... i feel kinda lonely right now..is it wrong to be lonely??i dont think so...but deeply in my heart,the loneliness is conquering myself right now...it makes me become weaker..i hate this feeling.......i should suscribe to the adage "being alone brings its own set of joys – if you learn to appreciate it"
lol....i love this boy...he's sc asasian also..from group A..humm,he used to add me on FB..twice! but i cant stand seeing him talking with other girls...he onced asked me,WHY HE NEVER SEE ME IN PALAM ...i told him YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME...dot you guys want to know why??because i wear headgear in palam..so people wont notice me !
it's much calmer nd safer ... :D
well,it hurts me...especially everytime i saw ahmad s%^&* with blonded hair girl everytime...well,why i likes him so much?first,he looks like GEEK..i love GEEK,they r CUTE with NERDY spec...really my ideal type of guy :P ..... i think just because he looks like a geek,is the main reason i fall in love with him..hummm...i think im stupid...wasting my time nd bothering my mind thinking of him....i'll tell him,i like him very much...one dayh! and im not expecting he'll love me back in return
of course NOT .... it's okay,,,STUDY first!!! never let ur loneliness to ruin ur life,well .... i just wish i can find someone from asasi sc that can help me in my study nd give me some strength in palam..meaning here is someone that can make me laugh and dont u think its sweet if we both can study together...of course a guy! :P
im sleepy bye :)

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