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Sunday, May 2, 2010

foundation SC uitm puncak alam

my rafflesia college ^^

Assalamulaikum (first time bagi salam dekat blogpost =.=") yayaya,i ve decided to go for foundation instead of matriculation.But,this doesnt mean i can relax relax because matrik and foundation is juz d same leh..so,i'll be under SAINS , it's a stepper stone to go for MEDIC,DENTIST,and PHARMACIST.so if i want to be in one of the faculties,i need to get 4 FLAT!!i'll try my damn best ^^ i dont want to be regret in future anymore.Fuhh,im in tense condition now,im quite worry about physic and math.they are not really my favourite =.=,but it's okay i'll work smart on them.and another thing is about FRIEND and SCHOOL.when i checked at FB and googled,student who's going to enter ASASI mostly from boarding school..and of course leh everyone has their own geng.humm,im so desperate =.=.me??im ALONE..im quite scare and sad..im from SEKOLAH HARIAN BIASA..and hopefully i'll get a bunch of kind-hearted friends at there and nice roommate ^^ and osoe can build a connection with ppl around me leh!!INSYALLAH,amin amin.the most important is I NEED TO STAND WITH MY OWN 2 FEETS and FOCUS ON STUDY.No more CRYING,no FACEBOOK-ING,no more bergaduh2 with girl friends.and hopefully everything going to be smooth at there,i dont want to owns any problems anymore.i want a HAPPY STUDY LIFE.amin amin.i'll keep PRAYING and keep my faith with ALLAH SWT.insyALLAH,may ALLAH swt bless my CLIMB.hopefully the path im going to travell will bring me trillions of triumph =D ,guys do pray for my journey ^^~ go FATIN,dun be so manja lah..u r 18th now!!!!!!!!! u can survive okeh! if sedih ke susah ke u have to bear it,remember for MEDIC okeh!!!dapatkan 4 flat..who ever or where ever u from,it doesnt matter..prove u can succeed!people are the same,but the way u go for it,is a matter!! u r not ALONE,ALLAH SWT is always with u!!! amin amin =D hopefully this is the best way for me!! *omg.im still nervous* someone cheer me up please >,< *I NEED A FRIEND FOR ASASI NANTI* ouh im damn desperate =(

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  1. alo sygku moeee..
    no worries la bout frens.
    boleh di cari tu.
    for sure ade punye.
    moe jgn risau la.
    anyway yakin je dgn diri sendiri insyaAllah..

  2. hye..im goin to asasi sains there to..dont worry,im alone too n from skolah harian biasa..c u there ;)

  3. hey. chill lah. u'll gain a lot of friends lah nantiii. im going there too and i dont think what kind of school ure from really matters. budak sbp pun manusia biasa lorhhh. kami tak makan org :)

  4. ya guys...haha thanks! c ya there too =D

  5. hhuauhuahuha...aku kan ader... :f: :k:

  6. thanks NOLAN ^^~
    anonymous yasmin ke??? =.= tp mun gombak jauh T.T
    aq takut ah haizzzzzz...gila nya aq =(

  7. about frens is doesnt matter la dek oi..i'm from sbp..masuk uitm asasi...lupakan psl sbp..right now i'm asasi's student..mcm tu la pemikiran bdk sbp..x de nye bdk sbp ke mrsm ke nk poyo2..hahaha. melainkan mmg dh asalnye diorg tu poyo...but actually sbp student ke mrsm ke..boarding school mana2 ke...x de la bgs sgt bdk tu..kalau dh bagus, asal dr mana pun ttp bagus..

  8. hye.. sy blogwalking n jumpe entry nih..
    sy dpt asasi kejuruteraan kat puncak alam :)
    see you there ;)


  9. seriously. budak sbp mmg ta makan org la, me too is budak sbp, n me too dpt sains gunaan. what the heck. haha. is it kita bleh smbung medic jgk? hailoh2. see u there sweetie. dun worry much! :)

  10. faizal~~

    hi sya pun dpt asasi sains sme gak..
    jmpe kt sne k...:)

  11. YA OKEH C YA guys there too ^^~
    YA TIRA thanks juz pretty nevess sikit
    selamat kenal2 XD

  12. waa actly sme arr kte dpa mtrik gambang but dhen i decide g asasi uitm....feel free add my fb...leh knal2 kat sne t... razix_211@yahoo.com

  13. sy pn dpt sme dgn awk..
    jgn riso la..
    mst ad kwn..

  14. Anak saya pun nak pi situ, dari sekolah biasa.
    Boleh lah geng.
    From Raub, Pahang

  15. salam kenal2an..haha

    jumpa nanti di sana ;p

  16. OKE all.selamat kenal2 =D
    hopefully everyone is nice and friendly..
    insyALLAH..nice to meet ya guys soon ;D

  17. Make sure u really know how to get 4 flat or you will be upset later. :)

  18. anonymous
    any tips??????????
    yah,i'll do my best or else i'll kill maself later..lol...joke XD

  19. ello~
    akak dri foundation sc uitm gk..
    Mmg best!!!
    much better than matrik..for sure~
    nk score pn snang..
    InsyaAllah mase dpan cerah.

  20. hahah...da habes asasi :D alhamdulilah !!~
    asasi sc uitm memangggg awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  21. assalam.hye akak.saya nak tanyer kak,boleyh ker kalo asasi sains nak tukar ke asasi kejuruteraan?

  22. assalam.hye akak.saya nak tanyer kak,boleyh ker kalo asasi sains nak tukar ke asasi kejuruteraan?

  23. wslm,,maaf x sure but awk bole call pejabat asasi !! awk google je website foundation uitm then try call k! g luck ^^~

  24. Am blogwalking n found dis..
    Sy pown akn pergi sne..
    So, see u there larh kn?

  25. ...soory umiumairah.this is my last year post..im an EX ASASIAN of 2010/2011 and im 1m 19 which means 1years older than ya =)..anytin gud luck ... and anyone who got a question ya can contact me tru fb fakhriah sani ... gud luck y'all :D


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