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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my heart racing and palms sweating

really 1march loh will b announce..n im in fever now....once again rase nak muntah+dupping=SPM FEVER.same things happened before my spm examination started..adoi...sakit perut aa...debar....well everyone is feeLing as same as i do feel now..student's policy..well things in my mind now...honestly..will my dream achieve??wah..what a common question...im never get bored with this..but it doesnt matter..i believe i can get straigth A'S...im expecting 10A'S,and my expectation will create it.INSYALLAH!but i dont know,we dont know till this 1March..all secrets will be reveal..i cant pretending to be calm now.i just have an ANXIOUS mind,i know it doesn't solve problems.it only creates more.Im a type of an anxious person.always have something to be worry.geeeeee!!!very SKEMA..emm..if it doesnt turn like i want,im afraid mom will be dissapoint..i mean she'll..my sis...my brO..they had spent and pampered me with all things to make sure i can get what i want.how about if i dont give them straight A'S results???IM SORRY IM SORRY..sigh...fatin............if i talk now,there's no use...oke cool fatin..I DEFEAT FEAR BY BELIEVING IN MYSELF..i believe i can get 10A'S.lets close bout this thingy..just remember this then like i read in MILES TO GO..do u heard a song called THE CLIMB sing by MILEY CYRUS??it means to me..as IT told us SUCCESS is progressive realization of ideas and goals.That means the best part-the part you are most SUCCESSFUL-is when u r taking steps foward toward your dream,not when you are in TOP.well everybody want to be on top,so do i.but if i dont get straigth A'S,i'll be frust with myself..i'll punish myself..i'll make pain inside my heart..but,im trying to convience myself now..I ALREADY HAVE MY SUCCESS now..as i worked to achieve it,and FATIN please dont GIVE UP,GIVE MORE.its not the end of the world.I have my DREAM..my dream is to be succeed in life..to be one of medic's student..to pay all my family's sacrification towards me.ITS ABOUT WORKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT.ITS ABOUT THE CLIMB!!!if i fail to get straigth A'S,hummm..maybe it takes time for me to recover.well we have to risk FAILURE to find SUCCESS..learn to CHERISH,not LAMENT.remember FATIN ,if U dont have ur triumph now,there's still another mountain to be climb.still have MATRIX if you dont get any foundation.remember your long term goals..insyALLAH everyting gonna be fine..amin amin...am not perfect,but i'll still keep praying to ALLAH eventough i have lotsa mistakes..i'll keep my faith to ALLAH SWT.well dear friends,i'll keep happy to your success..i'll keep smile and be grateful with all the outcomes..
XO momoe
p.s my old crush add me on fb juz now :P


  1. insyaAllah..

    all the best ok..

  2. thanks kak trex..insyALLAH.. =)

    HAHa,en tempoyak,,i want nobody but my stret a's results.... :)

  3. You can do it momoe....^^ GAMBATHE!!!

  4. thanks again misskittypgy =)


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