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Sunday, January 3, 2010

its d climb !!!!!!

n boring osoee
24/7 online
dizzy here! ::""":"::":

hope someone can cheer up my dull life ^^

amin..amin..keh keheheh

okey this iz me MOMOEKItty..(eoww,im tryg to b cute as i could)
fat rite??i noe i noe didnt need to mention it ...evrywhere i go,ppl would shocked with my size

some said "besarnye,besar dari mak die"

uzully untie2 will say dis stupid sentences

ouch...ouch..its hurt la !!!!!!!
and then i'll try to hide myself evrtime meet ppl who knows my mak

im plus size teen or we can said OBESity girl..huh..evryone would call me c gendot even my 6 years old cuzzy called me SI GEmok..im not this fat when i waz in form3..hehe..this is bcoz i didnt live in hostel,so mak feed me with mny types of delicacies,,gaggag..besides,im only the one who live in home..all my siblings are away from home,.thus,i dun need to fight with anyone to eat..hahha..so i can eat watever i love..hambuger,kfc.mcd,,all fast food la incldd choc oreo..yummy..thatz remind me how im hungry rite now..im on diet..i wanna lose some kilos b4 dis march..when i stare at mirror,im so sad with my physical look..im like a mummy who give birth to 6 childs,,,hahahhahaha...with all fats in my tummy,chin euwwwwwwwww........huh im so jelous with my adek angkat...annissa aurora or called her CHa cha,,she's so tall skinny...got many fans osoe..uih iuh uih.....im so envy wif her body..wanna c??she's so kuruss laah..i wish i can b skinny as she is..

hope cha cha dun mind i copy and pste her pic here!!!! :)

neverthless,i still appreciate

who am i rite now

i have nice parents

siblings who alwazz give me support

n frenzz....talking bout frenz only half tat i can 'ngam ngam' which can hear me helps me when im in trouble...i hate ppl who only b frenz w me only to get benefit...juz like parasite..huh..nvr mind duhh..in 2010 i dun want to find ny trouble..as in my last post,I'LL HELP PPL WHO NED MY HELP only.. i can say nothing az dffer ppl hv differ manners..as for me i hope 2010 i can find gud frenz..frenz tat willing to listen to me,frenz tat rely independent n r who REalize deir mistakes n dun judge ppl by one sight!!n d most important is GUD FRENZ DUN BAIL U,BUT DEY WILL OWEZ DERE TO CATCH U IF U FALL!!

okey im talking too much rite now

gotta go

pray yuh so i can get 10A'S n can b slim as i dream



  1. don worry la dear..i also fat apa....hehe... as long as we happy kan bagus...

  2. momo..

    dun worry with the size ok..
    i'm also fat..
    big from u..
    i pun ada experience mcm u when makcik2 ckp yg kita ni lg besar from our mom..
    siyesly,it hurts.
    but i x care sgt pun..
    as long as we happy with our life..
    wish u luck..
    dun be stressed ok.

  3. yup!
    same here!
    tp wat pekak tinge je. :h:
    tanam azam tok mngecilkn saiz! yeh!
    mari kite sesame mengangakn mulut mereka pd satu ari nnti! :c:
    ahaks.. :l:


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