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Thursday, May 10, 2012


assalamualaikum and hi , my heart didnt lie , again ... my results drop , im not happy , but alhamdullilah , i pass it , overall selanjar 1,2,3 i passed but not with flying colors , but alhamdulilah alhamdulilah , i did worked hard mybe not smart , didnt revise evrytin back , xsempat ,, planning is not okay ,, YA ALLAH , serabut nya kepala ni nak plan ... kejap nak buat ni nak buat tu with LITTLE TIME ,maybe for others , CUKUP , me ? concentrate more on STUPID EMOTIONAL STUFF , IM LAZY TO THINK , I LET MY STUPID DESIRE TO CONTROLL ME ,WELL THIS GONNA LONG POST BOUT MY MISTAKES I DID BE4 SELANJAR 3, I DONT WANT TO REPEAT IT AGAIN FOR PRO EXAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT THAT IM NOT BERSYUKUY , BUT AGAIN STUPID STUFF DISTURBING , IF ONLY I CAN KILL THEM , I'LL !~ ya ALLAH ,please forgive me ,,, =(( i did lotsa mistakes , i left important things , i did do what u dont wannna us 2 do .. my friends who failed the selanjar 2 ? i believe they will pass it better than , alhamdulilah , i did my part as friend , now im gunna FOCUS on MYSELF !~ i'LL WORK SMART AND HARD , I WONT LET ANYTHING TO DISTURB ME AGAIN , EVER ,,, EVEN U dear ______ !! =((((((( OSPE ? yeh I SCREWEDD IT ,,,,,,,,,,,, ANATOMY AGAIN ~ ~ when so many things to revise , i forget everytin , I NEED TO FIND STUDY PARTNER, ILL STOP PRETENDING I LIKE GOSSIPING , GOSSIPING IS SUCH A WASTE OF ENERGY !!!! WHO CARES ???? GO TO H###L WITH THAT , SORY PEEPS . I BITCH ALOT HERE , THATS ALL.. IL KILL ANY1 WHO DISTURB ME W, EVEN U WITH STUPID FB EMOTIONAL STATUSES , WHAT DO U THINK AM I ????? ITS NOT EASY TO GET AT THIS PLACE, BEGGING U . STOP !!! XO MOMOE


  1. Hi :) i need yr advice here,since im going to palam under asasi sains and i really want to further my study in psychology,so my quest is if i enter palam can i apply for other uni? bcs uitm doesnt hv this course,thankssssssssss :)

  2. read here , tq



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