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Thursday, May 31, 2012


assalamualaikum wbt , yehh , last night saw from my bro fb's status , said smobedy guin 2 enggangeee (auhh how 2 spell it ) , my cussy 19 y/o , waooooo , not shock , bcus 'kahwin muda' is like a trend ? no , the good things that has been planned by Allah swt , so yayy ! congratz , me ? hehe still 20 , quite old num , idk y , i ve become lots ugly living in this usm KUBE KERIE , maybe the environment and the study ?? yehhhh , ugly ugly ugly , nobody wants me , im fat , my triceps thickness is more than normal , literally OBESE , a OBESE DOC , heuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu , BIG sigh ! hey , its me who decided how am i gunna be , so cant put the blame on others , HECK , pro is 5 weeks more , musculo havent finish , i play a lot , WHY Im not FEELING GUILTY ?? =_____________= , btw this post is to whoever gunna be MY dear , i noe its quite JIWANG , and im nobody to talk about LUV , y ? if u put ALLAH SWT first . ur prince charming will come and stop searching , yeh I'M SEARCHING ! T__________T IM BAD , THE WORST PERSON U HV 2 ENCOUNTER , BLUEK !! dear old crush , my heart sick whenever i didnt hear u asking me HOW ARE YOU, watcha duin now?how's life n bla bla bla , NOT THAT SICK NOW , BUT I HATE IT

dear nur iman , if u read this ,yes , u ve being my crush since we were in sem 2 during our foundation at that time , i always stalked u , but i hide and pretend that i dunnoe u whenever we bumped w each other ,LOL FUNNYH , till we were in same group during pre med study (u noe i pray that u dun noe me that time till u ask me " Y U SGT DIFFER FROM FB ?SGT PENDIAM'', what a COINKIDENCE (y hannah pronounce COINCIDENCE as KOINKIDENCE, what slang ? )and i keep avoding u , hummmmmmmm , so THIS IS IT !!!



I'm content with loneliness now (when i type this i feel like i dont need a guy for now , i guess , love is a fairytale), Allah swt luv us , that's true luv,,,im gonna fight for better !!!! im gunna be a cardiologist !!!! I'LL WALKKK AND WALK . I DUN WAN LOSE FOR 10 MINUTES 2 REPEAT FOR ANOTHER YEARS ="] . AMIN ,O ALLAH BLESS MY BEAUTIFULL JOURNEY , FORGV ME FOR ALL OF MY SINS . =(( and yehh i want 2 travell , that's my dream ^^ and yes i wanna find korean man as my hubby , HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA , but dun wan mate sepet , HHHAAHA


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