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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it's a ladder

it's really hurtfull....19 april 2011...... and my heart is bleeding right now..i dont know what to say...it's just that i feel nothing right now.. *tawar hati?!* yehh...my success is postponed..i didnt fail..only 0.01 that makes me differ and 0.11...i wont give up..maybe i pick a wrong choice.maybe im too confidence...but im not regretting at all...whatever He's going to give it or not,i'll accept..the only true Failure is fearing to risk....i took my risk !! but * no rezeki * dear fatin fakhriah,remember ur long terms goal during ur short terms problems!!!THE FAT GUY with coat .... He's somebody right now..he'd managed to pursue his dream eventhough he weren't given any chance by the deans..i just dont know..im cluelesss....i feel like this worls is so unfair..it's like WHY NOT ME??but i shouldnt feel like this way...the only thing right now is PRESEVERANCE !! im badly hurt.... i loss one chance perhaps,but i should learn from this lesson...LEARN FROM UR LOSS !~ I TOOK A RISK AND LOST !! i could feel it in my heart but i cant hold it...it's escaped from my hand...HEARTBROKEN ~ keep moving on,i should cry for didnt trying very hard .... but enough...my job is to make myself happy now...will try to pursue it whatever happens...... couldnt afford to make them dissapointed with me anymore..THE NEXT STEP : new brand chapter of life , new me ........ it's okay to be selfish sometimes^^~im always going to build my own strength,i wont be affected by INSECURE PPL anymore,i dont believe in myself OK have it own my way .... no MY BELIEF IN MYSELF IS MORE IMPORTANT STRENGTH.............. hope everything gonna be fine... amin~


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