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Friday, February 5, 2010

my strength in life is fading!!

ouh am worrying now bout my SPM results
takut takut
decided to return to trgnu tis CNY ..
got many things to settle...but i'll come back to PENANG :P
aich..1 weeks i stop jogg..
my unsaturated fats increasing too much now..
wah dun wan b "queen of fat"
aich,..too many things in my mind now
relax relax momoe.....i cant relax..am scare with my spm result..sigh...
hopefully i can get stret A'S...amin amin...hayaa im putting too much pressure to myself..
ah laz nite lepak-ing wif my 2 sys at gurney..wohoo..
i can see am going to b chubby again
and d most terrible part is MY EYES
d EYEBAGS is like kek lapis srwk now,,hoho,..can be use as a kangaroo pouch osoe
:P kah kah kah

pic?? haha..wont upload it now...very ugly-duckling :P

am so confuse now~~~~~~

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