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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i can meet em!

i bought olredy...
super junior tickets
but d cheapest one..
no $$$$ maa
hopefully i can go...
tapi yg cedih nya ade yg kate "tempat mcm tu pon nk pgi"

i noe i noe... :(

*new haircuts :)


  1. wahhh..nie msti mint giler2 nie kt group nie..

  2. hehe cik irahehe
    jom laa :)
    of coz sy syg abg2 suju

  3. ehh you rasa ticket rm138 really sold out ke? frust nyer!! T.T

  4. kazu
    i dunnoe
    some said olredy sold out bcz d cheapest one is sold like hot goren pisang oO
    BUT u can try,might still available!!!
    if u goin we can make gang


  5. aah,i think i can't make it coz i heard its already sold out:( really goreng pisang panass lor.
    but,like u said, i should try.
    so,pray for me.

    really appreaciate u wanna gang wit me XD

  6. yes..
    my pray will owess wif u
    ouh d more gang we hv,d more funs looh
    keep in touch kehh
    where's ur location??

  7. amin~
    ok:P i'll always keep in touch wit u,
    hope i got good news 2morrow. i wonder if got any 138 2morrow.

    ohh,i'm staying in kl. but not lah nearer bkt jalil. XD

    u at trgnu rite(see ur profile earlier) =,=

  8. yess...
    ehh u form 5 like me?..
    so how our spm result??
    i heard bulan 3 gakk..
    OMG..tako takot
    between suju n spm result..
    both only d things in my mind now
    oke u try oo..insyallah ade !! amin2

  9. yeah f5:)
    haaa scared rite bout result.
    btw, i also heard diz march result kuar.
    hahaha can't imagine la nanti..suju=result.
    huhuhu. if result gempak sure happening time concert tu if not...hahaha..dunno lah XD


    I had planned everything for grab one ticket tomorrow.hahaha.

  10. hey there!
    finally i got the ticket.
    U7 Mrow 23seat:))

    your seat??
    U3 and U15 sold out already:(
    and i dapat seat tepi lah..

  11. :h:

    wah..kan da dpat :)
    ..me u3
    jauh kite..
    awk g dgn sape??
    sy dgn kakak 2 org
    buat teman,,tp doran x la gilew suju
    my sis said "besyukur la,x ramai fans suju yg leh pegi"
    i noe i noe..

  12. haha.tu la tq for doakan ye~~

    i'm alone nnti! msti u tak percaye~~
    ptt nya i wit my fren, but suddenly dia xdpt duit.
    so i terpaksa gi sorg2.btw, dia kate dia try cri duit by next week.
    hahahaha. hanya org gile suju je snggup wat keje gile niXD

  13. wah hehe

    xpe2 kite le wat fans gathering looh

    hehe...btw awk kn duk kl mesti le kejar doran kat klia

    sy igt nk g klia,tp lum tau

    kalau awk g bgtaoo yeh..kite le g same2


  14. ahaaa
    actually mmg hope ade fans gathering tuu..
    klu ade jgn lupe ajak sye ye~
    hahaha kejar dorg tuu, tak trpkir pulak XD
    if ade,ti sy bgtau:)


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