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Friday, January 22, 2010

seCret's reVealed :)

what secret??

the best man who looks like a woman
kim Hee chul.. :)
and i love it..finally i know what is my taste,,haha..i meant i like man looks like lady
this sounds crazy rite??hahha...wah kidding maahh...ppl said no ned to rush to find bf..yess..
hahha..i have many things to do and my journey is juz began to start.
*sounds nerd?? :P

and another one is LEE TEUK..the oldest among d Sujus,n osoe d leader..really gorgeous..haha

wah wah..dey make me so mellow everytime dey say hello,ANNeyong..hahhahaa
wahh wanna marry em... T.T

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