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Friday, January 29, 2010


not so clear rite??queen of WEBFRENZ :)

the magazine :)

ouh blur pic?? hehe..i snapped using hp looh :)
omg!!! am hepy now!!
haha..am so lucky az my blog waz chosen to be this feb FRENZWEB :P
KLIK?? what is that?? klik is entertainment magazine which provide teens nowadays with latest news n informations of entertainment wether kpop,jpop or hollywood or bollywood artist... hehe..KLIK is one of my sis bro n my fav mag!!from here,i can noe bOUt SUPER JUNIOR
i juz put my blog link in their website about 1 moNths ago perhaps..among 4890 of readers/users of blogspot,friendster,my-space n etc i was d lucky one to b chose as the FRENZWEB of d klik mag.its meant tat i can see my own blog and pic in mag all over MALAYSIA???unbeliEveAble rite??...alhamdulilah!!!tis iz unexpected :)
if u dun believe it,u can go to this website..juz click and all of ur hesitation will be answer :P
or u can grab KLIK at any nearby kedai runcit ... :)


*see??my old pic..quite chubby but still cute kan?? :P

wah,,I CAN SEE my pic in the main homePAGE of the KLIK website even in d mag :)
wah..i hope nothing az i juz wan to share my life with ppl outside there..u noe be a teen and young is once a life..i dun wan my teen life b wasted with rubbish things but at the same time i want to enjoy my teen life as others.i dun have many friends at school.im shy and quite person.blog is another place fo me to build connection with ppl!!!.. :) here i noe lots of frenzs MISS AR LING,MISS CUET YI,KAK MAI,WANI,MISS KITTY PIGGY..haha..all of em my kitty's frenzs n osoe new nuffnangers frenzs.. :)
so i juz hope more ppl can visit and share their experiences and thoughts here!!!!
i juz love MOMOEKITTY..i love my blog damn much now.. she's my new BFF now :P
dear SARA,thax fo ur info..if u dun tell me,i wont noe dis hunn!!! thax so much
long post rite??? :)
lastly,i wan to apologise here as am too over-excited!!
u noe diz iz UNEXPECTED fo me...juz sharing my blass happiness here :)
wah i keep repeating d same words :P
well...sorry if this is kinda jErK POST :)
tomolo i'll grab KLIK,,u guys??haha,,,ignore wat i said juz now :)
sharing my happiness with u guys ..hope u dun mind :)


thanks fo hang out here fo a sec!!! :)

MOmoe :) she's hepy now but same time got eyebags in her eyes :(
ouh kecian kecian


  1. you are so lucky dear...congratz again...hihi^^

  2. whoa! congratz:)

  3. congrats!

    i envy u leyhh!

  4. oO hoho
    notin la dear!!
    u submit ur blog link la kat KLIK

    insyALLAH,miraa punye pon dapat okee

  5. woho.....congraz dear... ^^

  6. can you please tell which issue is this? err rasanya my picture was in there too tp you snap tu gmbar i terkeluar. so please?just to make sure. oh and thanks :D


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